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Plastic Bumper or Damaged Panel Repair

We repair scuffed, scratched, cracked or dented bumpers for very much less than the cost of replacement and spray painting. Replacing a bumper you could expect to pay up to 80% more than our repair charges and as our repairs are generally carried out within the day you will not lose your car over an extended period. We also repair other pvc and plastic accessories such as mirrors, side panels, interior panels and more. All repairs are guaranteed so why pay more and be forced to leave your car at a traditional body shop for several days? Cleversmart provides high quality results promptly and at your own convenience.

Initially we reshape and sand down only the damaged area. Deep scratches or rips are repaired using high strength epoxy bonding compounds and filler, designed to maintain a flexible yet secure adhesion once cured. The repaired area is then sanded and smoothed in order to reform the panel or bumper to its original shape. When preparation is complete, an acrylic based primer is applied followed by a computer colour matched base coat and finally a high gloss clear lacquer applied to complete the repair and protect it. The process is completed by polishing the repaired area to produce an original manufacture like finish.

Whether you have a scratch, scuff, dent or worse please call us at our Dinnington workshop on 0114 299 7640 or email us for a free estimate.