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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Well Dougal, this isn't a Bruce Willis film! Minor dents and dings don’t always need the full treatment of filling and spray painting. If the paintwork is intact it is usually possible with paintless dent removal to effect a repair at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops.

CleverSMART specialise in the removal of minor dents without painting or filling of the dent. Dents are ‘massaged’ out of a door or other panel of a car using precision tools and expert application. The original paintwork is preserved and the repair does not camouflage the damage, the body work is restored to its original shape. I thought I had it a while back there!

We can repair most non-collision dents

The limiting factor is the relationship between the dent's depth and diameter. A large shallow dent is much more repairable than a small extremely sharp dent. Dents caused by car doors and hail stones are typically completely and permanently removed without any signs of a repair. Larger dents often can only be detected by a trained eye.

Repairs are generally completed within the hour and can be carried out at our workshop in Dinnington or as a mobile service at your home or place of business. Let us know what is most convenient for you - either way, the same low prices apply and we guarantee the highest quality workmanship.

Whether you have a scratch, scuff, dent or worse please call us on 0114 299 7640 or email us for a free estimate.